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Detroit Diesel Engines

Detroit Diesel was formed by the GM Diesel Division and has grown into an industry leader focusing on heavy-duty engines for the on-highway truck market. Detroit Diesel has been building reliable leading edge diesel engines for agricultural use, power generation, the marine industry and many other business sectors.

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Detroit Diesel Engines :: Available Models

  • Series 60
  • 353/T
  • 371
  • 453
  • 471/T
  • 6V53/T
  • 671/T
  • 6V71/T
  • 6V92/T
  • 8V71/T
  • 8V92/T
  • 12V71/T
  • 12V92/T
  • 12V149/T
  • 16V71/T
  • 16V92/T
  • 16V149/T

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