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Remanufacturing Process

Sample Remanufacture Procedure for a “Complete Engine”

Remanufacture procedure shall at least meet but is not limited to industry standards

  • Disassemble engine down to bare block and head
  • Hot tank & boil block, head and crank and all tin and cast parts for complete cleaning
  • Inspect cylinder block and head for cracks and irregularities
  • Line bore and machine all surfaces on the block and head to standards and specifications
  • Tap all bolt holes, repair as needed
  • Inspect crank shaft for straightness, magna flux inspection for cracks, grind and polish crank journals to meet specifications
  • Begin assembly of engine upon completion of all inspections and machining of all components and parts
  • Install new cam bearings, freeze plus, pipe plugs in oil galleys
  • Install crankshaft with new main and thrust bearings
  • Install all new cylinder kits- liners, pistons, rings, pins, new rod bolts
  • Install new or remanufactured/ reconditioned connecting rods, new rod bearings
  • Install remanufactured/ reconditioned cam shaft, install new bearings in front gear train, install gear train
  • Install front cover with new gaskets and seals, install front crank seal
  • Install new remanufactured cylinder heads complete with new valves, springs and assembly, etc., with new gaskets and new head bolts
  • Install remanufactured oil pump and relief valves
  • Install completely remanufactured fuel pump and system includes (replacing all bearings, reciprocating components, seals, gaskets, etc. with new flexible fuel lines, fittings and hard lines as needed, etc.)
  • Install new or remanufactured fuel injectors
  • Install rocker shafts and tubes
  • Install intake & exhaust manifolds and hardware
  • Install new or remanufactured turbo assembly
  • Install new or remanufactured water pump and new thermostat
  • Install remanufactured oil pump and relief valves
  • Install oil pan and rocker covers
  • Install new belts, hoses, etc. where appropriate
  • New fluids and filters
  • Engine run in on test stand
  • ***Dynamometer testing not included on all engines (can be Dyno Tested at additional costs)
  • ***Install remanufactured compressor
  • ***Install electrical harness and sensors
  • Final paint and preparation for shipping

The remanufacture process is with OEM parts or aftermarket components (as specified) with work done by certified And experienced technicians utilizing industry standardized and advanced equipment, tooling and machinery to industrial standardized specifications and applications. 

***Additional charges may be incurred, if needed request new quote.

* Specific procedures will vary between engines. If you have questions about what is included please ask your representative.

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